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Chicken parm sub Essay

Chicken parm is the best sub on the planet earth. I used to eat it when I was little my mom used to make for me every Sunday. I used to have it with Pepsi. When we were done we used to go on a bike rides. Me and my family dont do the bike riding any more. When we ate it we say funny old storys about are family. When my friends come over I ate with them but the storys got embarrassing. This is what I like to do when I eat chicken parm.

Chicken parmigiana (also referred to as a parmi[1] or parma[2]) is a chicken dish based on the Italian Parmigiana, and is regularly served in Australian pubs.[3] The meal consists of a breaded chicken breast, or chicken schnitzel, covered with a tomato-based neapolitan sauce and cheese. Variations include the addition of a slice of ham or bacon.[4] The dish is typically served with a side of potato chips and salad, although there is some dispute as to whether the chips should be served under or next to the chicken.[5] Size is considered to be a major part of the chicken parmigiana,[5]

and increased competition has led to a greater focus on the size of the meal.[3][6] Some restaurants hold competitions with prizes for people who successfully finish a large chicken parmigiana, such as the “Parmageddon” which was held in an Adelaide Hills pub.[7] The popularity of the chicken parmigiana led to a specialised chicken parmigiana restaurant opening in Melbourne,[5] and the chicken parmigiana is the subject of reviews on dedicated websites which compare the dish as purchased from various pubs within a region.[2][1][5][8] Other meals have also taken on the chicken parmigiana theme, including pies and Subway sandwiches.[9][10] This dish was adopted by the Australians it is originally from Italy. In Italy it was served with pasta, and sometimes garlic bread

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