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Chevrolet Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What The Truck

When it comes to American-made vehicles, one can argue which manufacturer is best, but that argument may not hold true for both cars and trucks. The featured model trucks from the American manufacturers Chevrolet and Ford are very similar in comparison, however a few distinct differences from each may sway ones opinion as to which is the elite model. The latest full-sized stock models for each manufacturer will be evaluated for overall stock performance based on horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, payload, and estimated resale value. Chevrolet’s model of a full-size pickup is called the Silverado. The latest model released by Chevy was the 2013 Silverado 1500. Starting at $23,590 the Silverado is a reliable and affordable truck. With a Kelly…

Influence on the General Motors Corporation

This report analyzes the primary internal and external influence on the General Motors Corporation and the influence of changing political environment on policy making and response of the corporation. Then the report discusses the changing political environment in and its influence. The influences of political environment on policies and decision making to the corporation are analyzed. The corporation response to the political environment changing is critically evaluated. At last, some improvement suggestion for the corporation in the response of the changing political environment is demonstrated. IntroductionGeneral Motors Corporation is the largest automobile manufactures in the world. The corporation, which is located in Detroit, employs more than 260 millions people and sells cars and trucks in about 35 countries. The corporation…

Google Car

Google Car: In the paper, the point of view will be Google’s. Questions that will be answered in the paper including but not limited to the economical and technical viability for Google to produce Google car in a large scale, reasons that Google will succeed or fail, the best strategy for Google to adopt. For the industry analysis, Porter’s five forces (Appendix 1) will be used to explore the environment of the automobile industry and if Google will be able to enter the industry and produce automobiles on its own. The financials of Google will also be analyzed to prove if it is economically capable of investing enough capitals in the system and manufacturing automobiles. A SWOT analysis and discussion…

Mustang vs Camero

Mustang 2011 vs. Camaro 2011 When people utter the words, “American Muscle Car,” two distinctive cars come to mind, the Camaro and the Mustang. Throughout the era of the early 1950’s and 1960’s, there was a revolutionary movement where automotive companies wanted to design a car with awesome horse power. That took place and paved the ground work for today’s “Muscle Cars” known as the “Pony car Era.” When it comes to cars, we all I want a car with luxury looks but also one that says, “I have the horse power”. We want a car with an engine could roar so loud that it makes your ears tingle. In the late 60’s the two top selling car companies Ford…

Holden Australia

1. Management Decision Problem 1.1 Background Holden is an Australian company which is manufacturing and supply of cars, engines and auto parts. With the vehicle market in good times, the sales of Holden continued to drop even though it received a massive financial supplement of approximately $150 million a year from the Australian government (Coorey, 2013). Moreover, Martin (2013) states that the VF model as a new product cannot alleviate the crisis in the market and influence Holden’s decline 12.5% in 2012 (Appendix 1). In 2013, Holden manufacturing plants suddenly announced that it will cease its production line in Australia in 2017. The main reason is that Holden doesn’t have a definite understanding of the consumer preferences and purchase intentions….