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Cherry Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Poetry Project

Introduction These poems are all written based off of my, Miciah’s, opinions. I have a distinct perspective on religion, therefore I chose to write a poem describing hate and love and how I thing religion is a dumb idea. My poem is titled “Hate and Love”, based off of the poem “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost. In it I concur to what religion claims, symbolically saying that religion is wrong and not serious. I used the same exact syllables and rhyme scheme as “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost. “Pie” is simply an original poem by me. It has no significant meaning what-so-ever. I also have a sense of humor therefore I wrote poems that are humorous yet meaningful…

Posner & Petersen

With the advent of technology and the increasing complexity of the human machine interface, the demands on the attentional capacity of human operators in these evolving systems is very high. Broadbent (1958) was the first to propose a theory on attention; he argued that we have severe limitation on our ability to pay attention to more than one event. According to him the source of this limitation is an internal filter that accepts one message and rejects others. The view that our attention is limited comes from the presence of the cocktail party problem and air traffic controllers which are essentially attention-switching problems. Thus in our technologically advance world, where everything is a sensory experience, it is apparent that the…

Dream world

A long time ago I had read a story, a story of a man and his goal to create a new world with peace. The perfection that those inked lines held were amazing, one is still in my head rings like a note of the piano-“I will create, a new world with you in it.” Reading his life story, I understood what he meant, that innocent line can bring tears into my eyes. There is a deep meaning to it. My body was shivering, I was scared. What happened? I opened my eyes slowly, with a shocked expression plastered on my round face, ocean blue eyes wide and teary, thick black eyelashes and added black eyeliner making them stand out….