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Chemicals Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Certain chemicals

If the process of plate tectonics were to completely stop then the ability of the Earth to create mountains through the collisions of two different plates would stop as well. This would mean that erosion would eventually abrade these mountains and the amount of sediment created by this activity would eventually reach the numerous oceans and seas. The end result would be a rise in sea level that would eventually swallow up the entire land mass of the Earth and sort of global ocean would be created as a result (Life in the universe 2001). This would of course mean the extinction of all the land based species on the surface of the planet. B. ) Weathering helps initiate the…

Hazardous Material Handling

Chemicals are found in all places; they are used to enhance crop production, distill drinking water, and simplify everyday chores. But chemicals can also be hazardous to the environment as well as to humans if released or used inappropriately. These hazards can take place during disposal, use, transportation, storage, or production.  If a chemical is released in harmful amounts or used unsafely, it can cause lifelong health effects, serious injury, death, and damage to homes, buildings, and other property. In the recent years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation publicly announced that terrorists are particularly interested in releasing hazardous material as well as in targeting their containers on American soil. Alarmingly, if terrorists succeed in such an attack in a populated…

The toxicity of chemicals

Remedy I would not endorse hazardous waste landfill, waste treatment plant, deep injection well, or incinerators near a residential community because of the hazardous threats brought by the chemicals. Even though they are built so that the trash of chemical plants and the residue from pest control, there are some instance where there is a leakage that can harm the community. Hazardous waste landfills are built so that the waste from chemical processes can be dumped in this area. They are designed to resist the power of the chemicals. A deep injection well is a special kind waste landfill where the chemical residues are injected on the soil so that not to penetrate more from the environment and to the…