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Charles Marlow Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Wexler’s “Violence in a Secular Age: Conrad’s Solution”

Wexler’s “Violence in a Secular Age: Conrad’s Solution” Joyce Wexler, in her essay “Writing About Violence in a Secular Age: Conrad’s Solution,” states that twentieth-century writers claimed contemporary violence was inexpressible. Such violent acts were justified in the past, but became a dilemma, a “crisis of belief,” in the late nineteenth-century. The dilemma became present in the works of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and other works of the time. Upon the opening of this essay, Joyce Wexler mentions a variety of works from the likes of James Joyce and T.S. Eliot to exemplify that many twentieth-century writers claim that acts of violence in their times were “not only unimaginable but inexpressible.” Wexler states that such atrocities were not new…