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Characteristics of Romanticism Essay

1. Medievalism – looking on the past to a simpler lifestyle (the good ole days). ”Written in the Close of Spring” by Charlotte Smith

2. Orientalism – (exotic locales) places that everyday people would not venture. Mystery – emotional stimulus.

3. Primitivism – belief that man was born inherently good. (Noble Savage – writing by people of primitive cultures – Africa, Native American) Society makes them bad.

4. Progress – Romantics were not against progress but feared the effects on society. Man could create a better world without materialism.

5. Anti-intellectualism – belief that everything is just not rational. ”The Tables Turned” by William Wordsworth

6. Sentimentalism – (emotions) very affected by what they see. Raw formality.

7. Humanitarism – believed that all men were created equal and that you should help others.

8. Democracy – supporters of the French revolution until it became violent. Agreed with the civil American revolution, used portage to fight for reform.

9. Originality – New poetic formats and genres.

10. Diversity – Authors wrote books and music, but did not write in one style. Mastered the art of writing.

11. Confessionalism – art is a confession of the inner soul. Characters confess and express how they feel.

12. Purgative Purpose of Art – authors believed their writings were cleansing their souls. ”Lines Composed a Few Miles away from Tintern Abbey” by William Wordsworth

13. Protest and Dissent – Original Protesters ills of society and the church. Not all authors of this era believed in this. ”Lines Written in Early Spring” by William Wordsworth

14. A love of the wild and picturesque – Nature is almost a character in novels. Nature inspires creativity. ”Pastoral Poesy” by John Clare

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