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Changing a Five Day School Week to a Four Day School Week Essay

Changing a five day week to a five day week to a four day week (For schools) Why is our traditional five day week changing to a four day week? Any reason? A four day week would result in extra hours of work, interference with family schedules and much more. In any case what’s the problem with the five day school week? The customary five day school week should stay without any alterations. There are many reasons that support the understanding of having a five day school week instead of changing it into a four day school week.

Firstly, people are already used to the five day week and might have to put some changes to their regular habits. Secondly, parents at work would have a very hard time to find a person to take care of their child (babysitter); this would be a big problem for families with no money. In the third reason I speak about the kids interest areas. It would be a loss of time of their practice of their extra-curricular activities that they really enjoy from their choice classes.

There are many reasons that support the understanding of having a five day school week instead of changing it to a five day school week. People are already used to the five day school week since centuries and there have not been a lot of problems with the system, so why change it right now? The four day week would make a big difference (bad changes) in their sleeping and eating habits(Proved out by the Canadian center for occupational health). Parents at work would also have a hard time finding a babysitter.

They would have a hard time leaving their children alone at home. This would be a big problem for children and families who are poor and cannot afford a person to take care of their children during work. Everyone knows that education for children has an impact on the future of this country. Our education/ learning system has been going on pretty good or let’s just say progressing every day and taking a brake would obviously low the percentage down of getting all these things we hope for. Lots of high schools, middle schools and elementary schools have game time/P. E which makes children active at least for sixty min. a day. Less activity time can lead to unhealthy diseases such as obesity.

Many activities such as orchestra, robotics and arts are chosen by the child with their own interest. If a parent cannot afford a class (outside school) it would be hard for them to enjoy the lost time of the choice class they chose. Now I would like to add on more to my first reason of having a five day week instead of changing it to a four day week. All of us have been using the ive day week for centuries then why change it now? The four day week might bring a sudden change in sleep habits which in turn may cause drowsiness, laziness and other factors during working hours. The four day week might also bring sudden changes in eating habits from more regular parties and unhealthy food.. When you have another weekend, many people oversleep. You might also develop certain health problems from oversleeping on an extra holiday such as diabetes, heart diseases, stress, anxiety, apnea and many more.

Another day of a holiday means more partying, and mainly eating more unhealthy food. Problems that you might develop from eating unhealthy food are: Obesity, Diabetes, bulimia, binge eating and many more. There are people out there fighting for a four day week. Let see a few of the other side’s arguments. Some say that having a four day week might help save gas money for the district. However school buses are used on weekends as a public transportation even more which in turn might get the gas costs higher instead of saving a whole bunch of money.

Parents also say that children would have extra free time if allowed an extra weekend. But guess what? 70% of all kids in America would prefer to have school instead of an extra weekend. School is a place where you could interact with old friends and make new friends! Fun activities compiled with learning. What would be a better option? In conclusion I would want the school board to consider the decision of having a five day school week because of multiple reasons I told during my essay.

Such as people are already used to the five day school week, poor parents and normal parents might have a hard time at work worrying about their children at work and having a babysitter, less education for the future, less activity time, less extra-curricular time and having less face-to-face time with the teacher. Therefore as a call to action I would go to the school board/superintendent and reject all proposals of having a four day week because of these several reasons. I would also write a petition/proposal regarding to keep the 5 day school week the same. This petition would include other parents signatures who agree with me.

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