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Challenges with fingerprint evidence Essay

1. What are some of the challenges with fingerprint evidence? What is science doing to make fingerprint analysis better? They can sometimes get messed up or not recognizable if they get smudged or touched by another object or person. They have a huge database now to where they can find out who it is quicker if they have a criminal background. 2. What are some of the challenges with bite mark analysis?

They can sometimes get messed up or not recognizable if they don’t get a full view of what or who got bitten. If the teeth can be matched to anything then it is no help at all. 3. What are the benefits for forensic scientists of virtual autopsies? The virtual autopsies can now be performed without the need of a real body and can be shown graphically to the new upcoming analysts and veteran analysts to show the victim’s body. 4. What are the challenges with blood spatter analysis?

They don’t always know how the spatter was done. Was it done by the fall to the ground a bat or the knife wound all of these things come together to form a broader spectrum of the crime scene. 5. What is IC-Crime? What benefits does it offer forensic science? IC Crime is Internet Crime in 3-D viewing format. It can confirm what forensic scientists may have found out about a crime scene. They can see the crime scene virtually and can go over it many times and zoom in on various areas. 6. Which new forensic technology discussed in the video do you think will have the greatest impact on forensic science? Why? Blood spatter research has become so advanced and is becoming even more high tech on showing how everything went down. This can also help in showing what objects were used when and to do what by their left trace.

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