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Chad Foster’s “Teenagers Preparing for the real world” Essay

Chad Foster’s book Teenagers Preparing for the Real World, is a great motivational piece for teens and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. In the chapter “Mr. X and Mr. President,” Foster instills the importance of contacts and friendship in a person’s life. His example of Mr. X shows kids that a friendship formed in a person’s younger years can pay off greatly down the road, emotionally and even financially. He then tells the tale of his father’s first experience in the work world, where he met two men, had a brief friendship for a few months, then moved.

Foster senior continued to correspond with these men for the next thirty years, never even seeing each other. As it turns out, one of these men was President George Bush and Foster had the opportunity to meet him in person. This story is significant because it shows that everyone grows up to be someone in the world, and someday you just might want to be their contact. Overall, this is a very well put together chapter and defiantly leaves an impression on the reader.

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