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Certified Public Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Professional Regulations Commission

Introduction The word quality is important especially in the field of education. The basis of having quality education is upon the capabilities of an institution to produce professionals. Qualification to become a professional is usually evidenced by passing Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) board examination. (Ditan, 2008) The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) is the agency of the National Government charge with the regulation and licensing profession in the Philippines. It is committed to protect to fullest, the integrity of the licensure examination and change the public perception from that of doubt and despair to trust and confidence in the licensure examination system. (PRC, 2006) A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting prepares students to take the CPA Board Exam, which gives them a wide…

Bus 508 Assignment 3

The most important five skills that a forensic accountant needs to possess and the need for each skill. Forensic accountants are a breed of accountants who play a role of accountants, auditors and investigators of possible fraudulent cases in a company. Forensic accountants work towards looking into the financial statements of the company and helping them prevent fraudulent cases by straightening their accounts. They work in the investigations and at times appear in the court as a witness in the fraud cases. Forensic accountants play a vital role in identifying malpractices by the managers in the company. (James, 2010). A good forensic accountant is not good just because he/she is good in numbers. A forensic accountant should possess the skills…