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Certain responsibilities Essay

In school, as in life, everyone has certain responsibilities. The Principal is responsible for overseeing the efficient running of the school. The teachers are responsible for seeing that school rules are obeyed, that their lesson plans are well written and lessons prepared. Teachers are also responsible for seeing that each of their students learn the material that is presented. Students are responsible for many things as well. All students are responsible for making sure they are ready to learn. This includes having the necessary equipment to do the job of learning. Each student is responsible for having a all their school materials with them at all times. When a student shows up to class unprepared it makes learning very difficult. Unprepared students also make learning hard for people around them as they disturb others trying to find a pen or borrow a book.

Students who come to class unprepared miss important information. While they are looking for a book, or a pen or their homework; knowledge is passing them by. Being unprepared is a sign of immaturity. Students who come to class without a pen are demonstrating that they are not ready and they are irresponsible. They rely on others to take care of their needs. This is unfair to others who have their own lives to take care of. If you don’t want to be treated like a child, you must begin taking responsibility for yourself. This starts with being a responsible student. It’s time for you to step up and take care of your own responsibilities.

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