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Cerebellum Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Water Can Kill? Exploring Effects of Osmosis

Questions 1. What sort of environment (hypertonic, isotonic, hypotonic) does consuming excessive amounts of pure water create in the body fluid that surrounds your cells? What effect would this have on your cells? – A hypotonic environment would be created in the body fluid, as there would be a lower concentration of solutes outside of the cell than inside the cell. This would create the effect of water entering the cells at an abnormal rate, and the cells, eventually, would burst. 2. What types of symptoms did Jennifer, Cassandra, and James have in common? Which organ or tissue seems to have been most affected? – Dizziness and headaches were symptoms in common with Jennifer and James. It could be assumed…

Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet

Provide a brief description for each of the following functions: 1. Basal ganglia The basal ganglia is part of the corpus striatum and is in the cerebral hemispheres. It is made up of the substantia nigra and subthalamic nucleas and controls cognition, movement coordination and voluntary movement. 2. Corpus collosum The corpus collosum is made up of nerve fibers and separates the cerebrum into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. This part of the brain connects the right and left sides and also controls the communication between the two sides. It controls eye movement, tactile localization and keeps a balance between arousal and attention. 3. Temporal lobe The temporal lobe is part of the cerebral cortex. It controls how…