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Centralization Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Federalism and Centralization

When the original thirteen colonies declared their independence and ratified the Articles of Confederation, they established a league of independent states.  In this system instead of mutual cooperation the states were made to compete in the economic and political areas.  They repealed the Articles of Confederation and in its place promulgated and ratified a new Constitution, providing for a Federal type of government. The question of states’ sovereignty and federal supremacy ended in the Civil War. 1789-1901 was marked with little cooperation with between the national and local governments, while in 1901-1960 there was collaboration between the two to address the social and economic problems of the times.  It was during this time that the national income tax and grant-in…


Response #1 What does it mean for a business to relocate? Does it mean that businesses use relocation opportunities to expand their market coverage and to pursue the principles of economic and organizational optimization? In his article, Janowitz (2007) suggests, that relocation can be equally positive and harmful to businesses. I completely agree to the fact that before relocating, businesses should consider all available options and must guarantee that relocation does not harm the quality and overall effectiveness of the major business operations. However, I do not fully agree to the statement that relocation requires considering only a set of factors that characterize the chosen facility site. What seems more important is whether businesses can successfully and continuously perform during…