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Centenarian Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Chasing longevity

To work together on the article, we chose to alternate turns, each first reading out a passage and then summarizing what he had read to the others. As future speech therapists, we will often be in contact with and assist elderly people. This is why we follow neurology classes on aging to explain the normal and pathological losses related to that process. We are also asked to do an internship in an elderly residence to get better acquainted to aging issues. Due to our future profession, we are particularly concerned with people experiencing several cognitive declines, mostly due to neurological degenerative condition, such as Parkinson or Alzheimer diseases. Aging implies a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social changes that…

Memo – Investment Recommendation for Centagenetix

After looking over the material regarding Centagenetix, I have a recommendation as to whether or not MPM should invest in Centagenetix. I realize that we have spent a great deal of time and resources on this project already, and that Harvard Medical School is anticipating that this deal will go forward. I also realize that backing out of the deal now could reflect badly upon MPM and upon you, but my recommendation is that MPM invest in Centagenetix at this point. The main reason is that if Centagenetix is actually able to create a product to increase human longevity, there are some major questions and concerns about first getting this product to market, as well as what conditions this product…