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Cell phones aloud in school Essay

Most school administrators regard cell phones use as disruptive and distracting devices in class, as well as a form of cheating during tests; so schools made the policy that prohibit cell phones on school properties. But I believe that there are a few reasons why cell phones should be allowed in schools. Restriction of bringing cell phones to school may be good, but it also causes resentment among parents and officials. In the first place, nowadays increasing numbers of parents are purchasing cell phones for their children.

They want them to bring along their cell phones at any time, in order to know their whereabouts and enable their children to make contact with them in case of emergencies. Of equal importance, students occasionally must inform their parents or drivers if they have last minute school schedule changes or something has to be done after school hours. Furthermore, there’re only disadvantages to go against parents, and prohibiting cell phones can also lead to inconvenience for students.

Most schools only take in the negative effects of allowing cell phones into consideration but never think of the problems it may cause if cell phones are prohibited in school. Likewise the numbers of students that use cell phones to cheat on tests; distract and escape classes are just a few. Therefore there’s no reason for others to pay the price for those who make the mistakes. The teacher shall confiscate one’s cell phone if he or she has done the following things. This will then make the students feel that they’ve received fair treatment.

Another reason cell phones should be allowed in school is because students are old enough to know what can be done and what cannot be done. In support of this, students aren’t happy about the fact that only teachers have the privilege of bringing cell phones to school. They feel that they are not being trusted and treated equally by the adults. Subsequently, more of them begin to violate school rule by bringing in cell phones illegally. I often heard them discussing about finding a perfect location to hide their cell phones when they overheard the principal is coming for checking up.

Also students should be able to take responsibilities for their own things and actions; so allowing cell phones in school will be a good example. Now that we have discussed the problems of prohibiting cell phones in school, setting general guidelines will be the solution to these problems, using cell phones on appropriate time and location while allowing students to have the freedom to make calls. It does not only eliminate resentment; thus it’s a way to prove that whether students can be trusted or not. Should cell phones be allowed in school?

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