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Ceceros on moral duty Essay

Man is endowed with reason where unlike animals, he is able to understand how things come about, and be able to interpret how causes relate to the effects. From there, the man will be able to draw conclusion and relate the current and the future appropriately. In most cases man will try to look for a truth and the necessary changes in life to adapt with the situation. It is no doubt that man has a feeling for order, politeness and moderation in life. It is because of this that moral goodness is worth all respect and by all means, we appropriately maintain it.

The moral right emanate from the four sources. These sources include; Its concern with the full development of the true intelligent, its concern about the conservation of the organized society, its greatness ant power of a dignified and unbeatable spirit, or its concern with the orderliness and the moderation of all that is said and done. Clearly, one is able to observe the real truth in any given sources, and when he can detect and explain the reasons behind it then he will be able to wisely understand it

The other virtues, is set to provide and maintain such things where the practical business of life relied on such that there will be conservation of the relation between man to man in the society. In that case the dignity of man will be improved to help them increase their superiority to these things. However, the orderly behavior and the self control have their sphere in the section of things where a certain amount of physical effort is required. For example, if we develop a certain amount of propriety and order to the daily activities the moral rectitude and the moral dignity will be conserved.

The interest of the society should be best conserved, and kindness be shown to every person in relation to the proximity of his relationship. However, it is important to trace back into their eventual sources that nature has established among men. The first principle is found in the connection between members of the human race, and the bond of connection is reason and speech which through the process educating reasoning associate men and unite them together.

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