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Cebuano literature Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Filipino writers

Region Literary Types Prominent Author Bicol Literature -extraordinary vitalityof richness in depicting historical events, specific persons and social conditions in Bicol Region. – characterized by clarity and grace of expression evident in song and dance. – friction writing in Bicol has not flourished. Handiog (epic) – First important work in Bicol. Liturgical Play (play) – combination of miming and punning with religious to cover up doubled edge statements against Spaniards. Comedia – as a social and political critique enhanced by his creation of an ineffectual character quite like tragic hero. Anti Cristo (drama) – technical artistry gained appreciative comments from drama critics at University of the Philippines. Maria Lilia F. Realubit Mariano Perfecto Sabas Armenta Justiniano Nuyda Asisclo Jimenez –…