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Caution Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Myself the Writer

¬†One of the reasons why I love writing is because it is my desire to progress in writing through setting more achievable objectives, building on novel ideas, in addition to developing new skills. Through writing I am able to advance my knowledge on a variety of subjects. Every time I write I am able to learn something new. I take writing as a way through which I can express my feeling. However, writing is a challenging task due to the fact that it calls for extra caution. There are many rules and regulations that surround writing. Some of these rules limit the extent to which one can express himself in writing (Elbow p, 12). There are various challenges that I…

The accurate assessment of blood pressure

The accurate assessment of blood pressure is a critical way to develop the appropriate treatment plan and monitor its course during the process of medical intervention. Blood pressure can be measured three different ways, including the insertion of a catheter into the artery, manually, and automatically. The most common way to assess blood pressure in hospitalized patients is through the use of automatic blood pressure measurement devices. The accuracy of these devices has been questioned in the past, but manufacturers have responded with numerous changes. This study sought to examine the usefulness of these automatic devices. This research compared the automatic and manual blood pressure measurements of 126 patients from a community hospital. Caution was exercised to standardize the procedures…