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CauseAssignment – Week 3 – Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Assignment – Week 3 – Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case

1) What is the most “jealousy” protected kind of speech, according to the court in this case? (3 points) Answer: According to the court in this case, the most jealousy protected speech is that which advances the free, uninhibited flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. That which is addressed to matters of private concern, or focuses upon persons who are not “public figures” is less stringently protected. 2) What court decided the case in the assignment? (2 points) Answer: Supreme Court of New York 3) Briefly – state the facts of this case, using the information found in the case in LexisNexis. (5 points) Answer: In this case, radio station and disc jockeys (defendants)…