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Caught Red-Handed Essay

I couldn’t remember where I was. As I came back to sense I found myself lying in an old attic. Everywhere was darkness and silence. The attic had only three holes in the top which provided me with a ray of light. My head was bursting with pain as if someone had banged on my head with a thick wooden stick.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember what went wrong and how I came here. I remember, it was twelve o’clock at night when I decided to start my work and that time my target was the rich man’s house of the city, Dr. Andrew. I used to work with Dr. Andrew as his assistant. As I stepped toward he door an ominous black cat crossed my way which I hardly paid attention to. Everyone was sleeping and the lights were switched off. I managed to crept through the passage toward the main locker which was located in the child’s bed room. The little girl was playing with her dol. I hold the mouth of the girl from behind with a napkin which contained chloroform. With a blink of an eye the girl fainted.

I was Dr. Andrew’s only assistant whom I worked with for about more than ten years. I used to work with him in the daylight and at night it was my profession to steal which I ended up badly. Gradually I opened the locker and my eyes popped out by seeing the bundle of currency notes. I filled my bag with all ten bundles except one as a formality.

I looked at the window and decided to make my escape through it but somehow my hand stroke with a vase and it fall down with a loud noise. I hurriedly jumped through the window and ran as fast as I could. As I reached half of my way towards the gate someone banged o my head hardly and I fell down. For the first and the last time I was caught red-handed. I heard the hooting of the owl and gradually fainted.

I heard some footstep coming near the door of the attic and I opened my eyes. My stomach churned into fear as I saw Dr. Andrew entered the attic with cops.

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