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Catholicism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Cuba and Puerto Rico

The Cuban culture is a combination of various influences and factors from African, European and North American groups. The Cuban Revolution has brought significant impact on the Cuban culture, particularly on the typical aspects of Cubans’ daily life. The Cuban religion consists of Catholic and Santeria, a mixture of Catholicism and Yoruba religions. With the present system of education, the current literacy rate of the island is 97 percent. In terms of music, the Cubans have created various styles and forms including dances and instruments, due to the influences by Spanish immigrants and African slaves. The African slaves introduced drums, cajons and percussion instruments, while the Spanish introduced guitars, musical notation and musical composition. Ignacio Cervantes was the most successful…

Big love: religious or criminal?

Barbara, Nikki, and Margie are three women from three very different backgrounds whom share one very universal dynamic. Barbara, is an extremely devoted mother of three, elementary school teacher, and wife to her husband named Bill. Although very endearing, Barbara is no stranger to pain and struggle. After only a few years of marriage to Bill, Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer, a terminal disease which she battled for years. Moreover, Barbara overcame her struggle and has now become a better wife and mother. Nikki, a timid young woman, is a mother of two, relentlessly inflicts her harsh religious beliefs onto others as she was raised on the same polygamous compound as her husband named Bill. Margine, a vibrant liberal…

Mexican Religion Shapes Culture

Mexican Religion Shapes Culture Throughout the world, the expansion of religion has significantly influenced the development of humanity in many different ways. Religion is an organized collection of belief and cultural systems with world views that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values (dictionary.com). Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to explain the origin of the Universe and give a convincing meaning to life. It was Hernan Cortes who first brought the Catholic Church to Mexico in 1521. His expedition, which included a friar named Bartolome de Olmedo and a priest named Juan Diaz, was mandated to convert the Indians into Christians. After the Spanish conquest, Mexico became colonized which, was helpful in the…