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Catherine Newman’s story, “I Do Not.: Why I Won’t Marry” Essay

Catherine Newman wrote an essay, I Do. Not.:Why I won’t marry, and the essay is about her explanation why she does not want to married with Michael, her eleven years partner and the father of their son. I personally do not understand with her mind. First, she said that marriage is like a trafficking. Why she said that statement? Maybe she thinks that giving a dowry to the woman family is like buying their daughter? Come on Catherine there are no parents in this world who want to sell their daughter.

Second, why she has a boyfriend if she does not want to married with him? This is what make me confused, she has a boyfriend but she doesn’t want to married, so what is the point of having boyfriend if she could not married with him? Moreover, she has a son with Michael. In my religion when you have a child before you are married, it is a sin. I think she is not ready to have a new role, wife. When she is married, she will get a new role as a wife but she is still not ready to get that role so she decided not to marry Michael. Why she is not ready? Besides, she has a son and she got a role as a mother. As we know, to be a mother is harder than to be a wife. In my opinion, Catherine does not want to married because she is having negative mind about marriage.

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