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Caterpillar Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Komatsu Ltd and Project G

Acquired and develop advanced technology to raise quality, and to increase efficiency to the Cat’s level. Introduced “management by policy.  “Project A,” sought to raise the quality of Komatsu’s middle-sized bulldozers to Cat’s level & instituted the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA) cycle. In 1966, his five-year “World A” campaign sought to make Komatsu internationally competitive in cost and quality. Results Project A enabled Komatsu to double its warranty period within two years while cutting claim rates by two-thirds. Komatsu had emerged as the major challenger in the construction equipment industry. Komatsu’s potentially dangerous reliance on domestic sales reduced. The Nogawa Era (1982-1987) Strategies Focused more on cost-cutting and aggressive sales tactics than on shifting production overseas or reducing Komatsu’s…