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Catecholase Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Effect of the enzyme Catecholase on the Catalysis of Catechol to Benzoquinone

Enzymes are defined as proteins that catalyze, or speed up chemical reactions Enzymes work on molecules known as substrates, and change them into different molecules. Enzymes have been used in a variety of ways since their discovery from the making of high-fructose corn syrup by processing starch into sugar (2) to manipulating DNA for use in PCR reactions and tissue browning. Most enzymes are very specific as to which substrates they work on (3). The reason enzymes are specific to their substrates has been suggested to be because of the “lock-and-key” model, where both the enzyme and substrate have specific characteristics that fit perfectly into one another; however, the interactions are constantly reshaped, owing to the flexibility of enzymes’ structures…