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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Essay

Out of the three that I chose, the program that I feel that would be the most valuable for the organization that was profiled in Appendix A is Block Grants for Community Mental Health Services. Program’s Objective:

The objective of the block grants for community mental health services program is to provide territories and states with assistance financially in the making of their plans to provide mental health services to adults and children, as well as monitoring all progress and providing technical assistance. Eligibility:

The States and U.S Territory Governments are eligible applicants and the recipients of States and U.S Territory Governments are the beneficiaries. Type of Assistance:
This particular program is provided with Formula Grants

Dollar Range and Average Amount of Assistance Awarded:
The dollar range that is listed for this program is $50,000 to $53,096,425.
The Average amount of assistance that is awarded is $6,761,619. How this program is utilized by the organization that is profiled in Appendix A: The organization in Appendix A’s needs are that they are able to provide psychiatric counseling services to the residents of El Paso County who are considered to be low income. I believe that the block grants for community mental health services program would benefit the state of Texas by providing funding so that this program can continue services and develop new innovative ideas and future plans to better its services. Since residents only need to pay an amount that is based on their income I believe that the cost would work well for them as well.

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