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Cat In The Rain Essay

From the literary analysis I wrote, I want my readers to be able to read and understand the special relationship of the husband and wife in Ernest Hemmingway’s “Cat in the Rain.” Some critics believed that the cat representing the American wife’s desire for a child. From the first time we read Hemingway’s short story, I immediately jumped to conclusions such as the couple did not really like each other or maybe they just had a barrier in the relationship. I discovered from other critics online and through other members of the class, that I was not the only one who thought so. It was not very difficult to write the second paragraph of this paper. Many parts of the story and pieces from the articles had lots to say about the American wife and her barrier from her husban

d. The paragraph about George was more difficult for me because for most of the story, he remained in the room reading throughout the story. By writing an annotation and a literary analysis over the same Hemingway story helped me to see the differences between them and how to critically analyze literature. I did struggle with quoting and referencing the articles that I drew information from, but I felt like I did my best on the writing portion of the paper. I didn’t learn much quite as much in my Comp 1 class, but I have been able to take and learn a lot from this class. Literature and writing essays has never been my strong area, but I have been able to appreciate learning what we have so far!

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