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Castle Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Kafka’s The Castle

Franz Kafka’s novel, The Castle, is filled with frustration and a sense of being lost outside this castle with no way in and no way to be heard in sight. The main character in the book isn’t even known by a name, but just the initial K. His feelings of inadequacy and disaffection from the processes of the village certainly lead to even more frustration when there is nothing that he can do to change his life. Things certainly start to get frustrating for the protagonist when he arrives into the village and attempts to fulfill employment as a land surveyor and nothing seems to go effectually and in accordance with the many rules and procedures of the village. K…

Ballista Physics

This experiment is to determine what projectile for a Ballista will travel the furthest, to do this two variables will be changed through the duration of the testing period. These variables are: the angle and the different materials the projectile is made of. The three different materials being used for the projectiles are a pencil, a bit of wood and a replica of an original Ballista bolt. The Results of this experiment is hypothesised that the replica Ballista bolt will have the most range of the three. Ballista Basic Information A Ballista was one of the siege engines used during the Medieval Era and was an invaluable siege attack weapon. The Ballista was used by both the attackers and defenders…