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Case study on Managing Resistance Essay

What lessons about power, politics and resistance, in relation to organizational change, do you draw from this study? Resistance: Resistance to change is the act of opposing or struggling with modifications or transformations that alter the status quo in the workplace. Politics in resistance to change management

– As based on the case study, it shows the confliction of interests and politics were the main reason deterring the necessary changes that should be implemented when the problem was identify. As the reward power of leaders will find all ways of means to suppress any emergent resistance which therefore forming an obstacle towards the possible change of the culture or risk management practices. -Despite the consequence, Paul Moore voiced out the problem ignoring the resistance from the upper management (Senior Executives) and managed to identify the issues that was happening

1) The company secretary failed to minute crucial comments he made at a formal board meeting reporting his investigation that the sales culture at HBOS had got out of control. 2) During the report for the group auditing meeting, problems such as systems and controls, risk management and the sales culture that he identify was intentionally being left out of the reports that should be represented to the auditing committee. 3) An ex-sales manager who had no experience of risk management was appointed as the group risk director after Moore was dismissed. 4) A close friend of the HBOS chairman was appointed as the chairman of the risk control committee who had no knowledge in banking or credit risk management to oversea such a vital position which were meant to challenge the chairman if problems arise.

Five tips for: Managing resistance

1. Do change management right the first time
2. Expect it
3. Address it formally
4. Identify the root causes
5. Engage the “right” resistance managers

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