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Case Study Essay

If I could describe McDonald’s business strategy in one word, I would definitely say ‘smart’. And I mean that in the best-rounded way. I very strongly agree with McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, when he says, “If you get the people right, the rest will follow”. I believe that it is all a domino effect in the way an organization works; happy employees make for better production. McDonalds has proven itself as a good employer because of its five “people principles” that focus on keeping the employee happy and comfortable first and foremost. I think that they are successful because of the way they hire their employees. Because McDonalds strives for excellent service and quality, they work hard at finding the correct employees and retaining them, thus creating an experienced and capable taskforce.

2. McDonalds has aligned its business, human resource, and staffing strategies by connecting all three of these fields to one main source: the employees. By raising its hiring standards, McDonalds has hired, trained, and retained employees that are enthusiastic about giving their all to the customer. 3. Some possible talent-related threats that could eat away at McDonald’s competitive advantage would be when their teenage employees are ready to move on to other companies where they can build a career. Higher turnover would definitely be a problem for all companies, not just McDonalds. I don’t believe a tight labor market in which it is difficult to find talented people would be a problem for McDonalds because you don’t have to be highly educated or have any educational qualifications to work at the company. To maintain its competitive advantage over the next five years, I recommend that McDonalds simply continue doing what they are doing. They look for all the right qualities and potential in their employees, so I believe they will always be successful on the ‘people part’.

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