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Case study 2-2 Essay

Case Project 2-2
I would determine whether an investigation is required for this type of situation. I would make am initial assessment about the case that I will be investigating. Meanwhile, determining the type a design of approach for this particular case. I would then estimate the time of each step, when the check was issued and as the amount. I would ask Jonathan to interview the other individual who has access to the company’s accounting program. I would review the company computer as well as the accounting program and see if there are any significant documents; which would including the company checkbook and ledger, as well as contact the bank for the most current bank statement. Any type of information pertaining or related to that particular check, which was issued during that time.

However, if cleared, then further investigation has to be done. I would examine that employee’s email for anything suspicious as well as surveillance cameras within that office. I would also study the suspects work habits as well. I would ask Jonathan to locate and itemized any details of the subcontractor’s job amounting to $10,750 and the facts of the check for the amount $12,750.

I would try to find the facts of the $2,000 difference, if available by comparing bank statements, and the accounting program. I will inform him to be very watchful of any relevant information that may eventually be evidence in this type of criminal case, which could be employee theft or embezzlement. If this other person beside Jonathan is involved in this crime and not being an accounting error, has taken place, I would recommend Jonathan to allow me to further my investigation with this company.

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