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Case 3- marketing Essay

1. how was Samsung able to go from copycat Brand to product leader?

By introducing a new top-to-bottom strategy for the entire company which Lee called “new management”. In order to become a cutting-edge product leader and not a copycat and cheap brand, Samsung hired new fresh young designers whom will develop sleek, bold, beautiful and that will always receive a Wow! For response new products. Also, the company was no longer going to work with low-end distributers, instead they choose to work with specialty retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City. Lee´s goal was to dethrone Sony and become the biggest consumer electronics firm in the world.

2. is Samsung´s product development process customer centered? Team based? Systematic?

I do believe that Samsung´s product development process has all those qualities since every new product has to pass the Wow! Test during testing in order to be very attractive for customers, otherwise it is sent back to the design department. Throughout this test the company can also evaluate and review the new products. Also the “new management” is a top-to-bottom strategy so it is supposed to be centered, team based and systematic; it requires several departments to work together.

3. Based on the PLC, what challenges does Samsung face in managing its high-tech products?

Samsung´s products have been extremely successful during the last years but now their high-tech products have lost their touch and the company´s profits and sales are declining. Lee´s reponse to this matter was Samsung´s new strategy “mabuljungje” which means “horse that does not stop”; even tought their products are in the decline stage Lee does not plan to stop, he believes this is the time for the company to run and keep going.

4. will Samsung likely achieve its goals in markets where it does not dominate, such as smartphones? Why or why not?

I dont belive it will conquer the markets where it does not dominate right now simply because even tought they are investing heavily to ensure and have the TV advantage loyalty lies in the products of other companies such as Mac Store. Right now little percentage of the customers prefer Samsung instead of Mac why? Because their products are more recognized in society terms, have more class, usually are the first ones to appear so they are inmediatly the leaders , the service is good and more.

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