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Casablanca Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Heard and unheard music of Casablanca

While Casablanca is one of the most know, satirized and often many lines repeated, the unsung hero of the movie is its music. Everyone knows “As time goes by”, but after seeing the movie can you think of any other music from this classic. People who have seen Casablanca dozens of times ( my father ) in their life can only remember “As time goes by”. This song brings back the happy memories of Ilsa and Rick in Paris. When Rick tells Sam not to play that song, is it possible that Rick never wants to remember the good times with a woman he will never see again or his alcoholic self destructive nature depriving himself of any happiness. Ilsa…

Bankruptcy in the United States

The paradox set up between the words “pleasure” and “burn” shows something unusual about the characterization of the speaker—that maybe he is a paradox himself and is at odds with what is thought of as normal. Who the speaker is has not been revealed yet, so the reader is allowed to form opinions about his character before meeting the fireman. Further into the book, Montag no longer finds a pleasure, and he runs from his job as a fireman. Finally, the feeling of fire as a pleasure returns when he realizes fire can be used for warmth and comfort rather than for destruction. Diction used (burn, eaten, blackened, changed) creates a fearful mood and an ominous tone from the beginning….

Breathe Tim Winton

Let me begin with a caveat. My argument is based on the evidence of fiction, on a discussion Tim Winton’s most recent novel, Breath. Social scientists may suspect this kind of evidence and see ‘fact’ as more trustworthy than ‘fiction’. But even though it is true that the evidence I will be presenting is not based on people and situations in ‘real life’ — whatever that may be — I would suggest that fiction may take us to the sources of social awareness and action, to the extent that, as Levinas1 suggests that awareness and action may originate in ‘gropings to which one does not even know how to give a verbal form…initial shocks [which] become questions and problems’ and…