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Carotene Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Separation of leaves pigment

The photosynthetic pigment is used to absorb light during the process of photosynthesis. There are five pigments usually found in spinach leaves: Carotene (yellow), Phaeophytin (yellow-grey), Xanthophyll (yellow-brown), Chlorophyll a (blue-green), Chlorophyll b(green). Photosynthetic pigment is located in the chloroplast of the leaf. The function of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b is to trap red and blue violet light when they carry out photosynthesis, chlorophyll a occurs in green plants while chlorophyll b occurs in green algae.Carotene and Xanthophyll are carotenoid where it can protect the human eye from being harm by light and act as antioxidant thus prevent cardiovascular disease. Objective To determine the content of photosynthetic pigment in spinach leaves. Procedure : 1. Spinach leaves is plucked and…