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Carolina Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks is located in North Carolina. It is a narrow chain of barrier stretching 175 miles long. The area is frequented by high winds and storms. It is basically made up of sand dunes. Sand dunes are formed due to the prevailing winds. The winds come from opposite direction, northeast and southwest. Because of the natural occurrence, sand dunes were formed. The tallest active sand dune in Outer Banks is Jockey’s Ridge. Some interesting features about the Outer Banks is that it housed the talled lighthouse. It also has the tallest san dune, Jockey’s Ridge. Duck Beach is named one of the top beaches in America. Animals especially birds and horses are actively seen the area. Outer Banks 3…

South Carolina and Georgia

When the American colonies rebelled against Great Britain, the rebels gave their reasons in the Declaration of Independence. According to the Declaration, people have unalienable rights to liberty. “The ideology of the revolutionary generation shaped the later American Bill of Rights. This revolutionary ideology combined and wove together both the natural rights of man and the historic rights of Englishmen”. The colonists emphasized natural rights and historic liberties as a result of their view of government. Government was potentially hostile to human liberty and happiness. Power was essentially aggressive. The rebellious colonists dealt with the problem of aggressive political power by several devices: separation of powers, an independent judiciary, the right of people to have a share in their own…

Bio psycho social

I met with Louis Sutter on Sunday, March 31, 2013. Daniel is a twenty two year old Jewish white male. He currently resides at 123 Apple Road, Columbia, SC, 29205. He is currently studying full time at USC-Columbia and unemployed. He is not married, but in a two year relationship with his girlfriend, Taylor. He was referred to me from the counseling center at USC-Columbia. He was sent to me for anxiety and stress management. Source of Data I received documents from USC- Columbia’s counseling Center, and health records from his primary doctor. I had consent from the client as well as his counselor and his primary physician. The client followed counselor’s advice and made an appointment with me voluntarily….