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Carmen Electra Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The pretenders. Lalala

The principal character in The Pretenders is Antonio “Tony” Samson. Samson was a rural area resident of Cabugawan village in Rosales, Pangasinan, who gained a doctorate degree from Harvard University in New England of the United States. Samson was the grandson of Istak Samson who was also known as Eustaquio Salvador (Istak was the protagonist in José’s Po-on). Antonio neglected his own father, the son of Istak Samson, who was punished by being imprisoned for life after his involvement in the burning of a municipio and killing Luis Asperri, the haciendero or ranch-owner character in José’s My Brother, My Executioner. Antonio was unable to marry his “hometown sweetheart” and cousin with whom he fathered Pepe, Antonio Samson’s illegitimate child who…