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Career Plan Building Activity, Work Culture Essay

I am grateful surprise with the results of my Career Plan Building Activity; Work Culture Activity Based on my Work Culture Preferences results I am:
Emphasis on fairness, promoting equal rights and justice, the chance to make a positive contribution to the society, emphasis and social and environmental responsibility.

Control your own work schedule and organization, high engagement-people encouraged to express opinions, innovative, creative atmosphere, and emphasis in specialist expertise

Secure, stable environment defined job and expectations, no conflicting demands, focus on employee welfare, recognition and celebration of success, open communication, personal development support

Work culture is the link that connects employees with organizations. A great work culture generates the foundation of its success, is the backbone of any organization. Work cultures are diverse between organizations, it is important to know how to communicate and maintain an effective communication channels. Companies differ in philosophy, culture and style, and could (Hanly, 2012) impact in how employees work with each other.

“Workplace culture is derived both from the imposed organizational structure as well as from the personalities of individual employees. Workplace culture affects how people feel while at work”

Understanding elements of the work place culture will help managers to create a comfortable workplace environment in which employees become more efficient and productive (Samantha Hanly, Demand Media, 2011)

* What do your results tell you about how you communicate?

Effective communication is critical in business; it could make the difference between success and failure. Most workplaces are the reflection of the employee’s personality and management style, is very important that management establish, distributing and reinforce the Business Values as: respect, customer satisfaction, safety and integrity, etc. Management needs to decide what is more important to the business and communicate to the employees; leading by example

*What steps will you take to improve the quality of your message?

•Identify the audience that I would like to communicate, considering job titles, background, ethnicity, culture. •Establish a well-defined communication channels
•Analyze the message that I want to communicate
•The message must be clear, direct, shortest possible, with a little sense of humor

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