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Career Plan Essay

I have completed the career profiler. I have learned that I am conventional, enterprising, and social. I am very detail orientated. My strengths include organizing, delivering results, following instructions, coping with pressure, entrepreneurial thinking, and I am goal focused. The career profiler accurately described my strengths.

My work culture results were ethical, supportive, and well resourced. I believe in fairness and respect among all people. Each person needs to be responsible for their actions and learn from them. Support is a key point to any management position. A manger needs to be able to listen to their employees and focus on their welfare. A mangers role is to make their employees successful. I believe that this course has taught me to be a charismatic leader with a democratic style of leadership. I also like a well resourced company. In order to be successful at your job the company must have the resources for you to achieve. Working for a disorganized employer is very discouraging for an employee.

I have also learned my weaknesses that I need to work on to further my career. I have learned that I need to working on my leading, networking, persuading, writing, presenting, and researching. I plan to work on these areas by becoming more confident and learning new techniques to improve on these skills.

During this class I have learned new techniques and leadership theories that I can build on. I plan on building on the leadership theories so that I can prepare for Management Candidate School through USAA.

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