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Career Apparel and Uniform Essay

Career and Uniform apparel becomes a necessity for many Americans in the work place. Now a days, many people characterize or stereotype curtain job positions base on what people wear. For example, a police officer, a security, and an army solger can not be able to distinguish without their uniform. In contrast, people that works in the corporation word they do not have to wear uniform, to distinguish them from others. However, professionals have to followed a dress code guide line. This guideline helps the professional to a good first impression in the workforce. For this assignments, I interviewed two gentleman’s that uses career apparel as well as uniform. Sammy haddad, which job is internal auditor for KPMG, and Mickey Walker, which jobs is a police officer in Seagoville Tx.

Whether career apparel or uniform, each of my interviewers is has their personal opinion about their type of apparel that they have to wear during work hours. Sammy haddad, auditor for KPMG, has to wear business causal clothe almost every day. His dress code is a collar shirt with long sleeves tuck in with dress slacks. However, there are some days that Sammy has to meet with clients for business meetings and his company requires him to wear suits. Sammy’s personal opinion is that he hates wear suits, especially in Texas because sometimes his meetings are far from his offices. On the hand, mickey walker the police officer found his uniform very practical and utilitarian for the performance of his job. However his does not like how thick is the fabric and uncountable to wear during summer time.

Without any questions, to be able to wear career apparel the professional needs to have a budget to be able to afford the career apparel. For example, Sammy’s annual income is $75.000 and he purchase his own wardrobe. Every year, Sammy’s buys three dress shits and two dress pants at brooks brothers, he purchase a suit every tree years and for the rest of the year he purchase items on sale at banana republic. In contrast, Mickey’s annual income is 52.00 a year. His department pays for two uniforms every tree years and if he needs other uniforms he has to purchase it with his own money.

Over all, career apparel and uniforms has a propose in their own work classification. In Sammy haddads case, the career apparel a most, because it gives him cre dibility, authority, professionalism and is good for the work environmental during work and after work hours. The only thing that he dislike about the dress code is that he has to pay the cleaners services. The other perspective is Mickey’s, he likes his uniform just because it gives him authority, and it distinguish him from other in case of emergency.

Finally, career apparel and uniform are necessary for cretin’s jobs. Both of the jobs requires the professional to dress in a matter that shows the valued for their work position and sometime incase of emergencies it helps the people to distinguish the authority.

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