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Capstone Checkpoint Essay

Looking back over the past nine weeks I must say that a large amount of valuable information has been presented to our class. The reading material, assignments, and class discussions have taught me some valuable lessons in the area of nutrition. The assignment that I learned the most from was the Week Two assignment about the digestive system. I now understand how the body uses the different types of food, the path food takes as it enters the body, and how the organs, including the salivary glands work together in the digestive process. However, my favorite part of Week Two came through the class discussions in the area of home remedies. I learned how a change in diet can prevent or help to cure digestive disorders. For example, Diverticulus can be treated at home by drinking plenty of fluid and eating fiber rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. I enjoyed this part the most because I was forced to take medicine for an extended period of time and I really did not enjoy that experience.

Therefore, learning natural ways to bring relief was truly refreshing for me. Checkpoint from week one, three day diet analysis instructed me how to begin eating healthier. I made the necessary changes in my diet and by the time I reached the three day analysis for week six, I noticed some major changes in my eating habits. Currently I notice the different foods on my plate and the nutritional value that each has to offer. I refrain from eating meals (other than grains for breakfast like cereal or oatmeal) that does not include fruits or vegetables. Even on those days when I stop by a fast food place and grab a burger I avoid the fries, and I ask for extra pickles, lettuce, and tomato, to add more nutrients to the sandwich.

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