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Capricious traffic police Essay

A few days ago, while I was returning to Dhaka from Comilla, one of my friends called me in my mobile and wanted to know where I was. Right on that time I was in Kaanchpur Bridge. I told him that I was in Comilla. The thing is that was not untrue in the sense that it took 4 hours to reach Jatrabari, a time more than enough to reach Dhaka from Comilla. I knew this would happen and the confidence stemmed from the constant and horrible national Jatrabari gridlock. Gulistan-Jatrabari 10 kilometre flyover construction has not been completed yet which was supposed to end in December, 2012. This giant construction narrowed the passage for vehicles. Besides, the traffic police are also reckless in their duties and are completely failing to handle this gridlock. They make it even worse by letting the vehicles move disorderly.

If it takes 3-4 hours to reach Saidabad from Kaanchpur, what the hell city are we living in? People who face this unbearable congestion in 8-9 pm have to wait until it is 1 am to reach Saidabad. The pick pockets and hijackers do roam right in that time exposing the passengers to vulnerable criminal attack. Moreover, it is hard to find a public transport then. How horrible this scenario is! The trucks with heavy consignments from Chittagong and the busses from south-eastern districts with passengers blend here in this narrow passage. Any bypass road hasn’t been there to ease the gridlock which is supposed to be when a flyover like this happens in a city area. The timeline provided by LGRD ministry to have the flyover finished has exceeded and we keep suffering. How long will it continue?

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