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Capacity utilization Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Forward Integration or Horizontal Expansion?

In early March 2004, Alejandro Perez, president and CEO of Chilean forestry company, Arauco, was about to present his recommendations to the board of directors as to whether the company should invest US$1 billion to construct a new state-of-the-art chemical pulp plant. The plant, part of a multiphase project called Nueva Aldea, would increase Arauco’s capacity by approximately 800,000 tons to 3. 2 million tons, placing the company as the largest producer of market pulp, just ahead of Aracruz in Brazil. Two years earlier, Arauco’s board approved the first phase of the Nueva Aldea project for US$150 million, which consisted of building a sawmill, plywood mill, and energy complex. The second phase involved constructing a pulp mill following the inauguration…


BUDGETS AND BUDGETORY CONTROL 1. INTRODUCTION: The first important task in front of the management is to have clearly defined objectives. Objectives are short term as well as long term and they should be defined in clear terms. It is necessary to prepare a comprehensive plan to transform these objectives into reality and planning without controlling will not be effective and hence there is a need of effective control system. While planning helps an organization to work systematically towards achieving the objectives, controlling helps to review the progress made and to monitor whether the work is progressing as per the plan or not. Budgeting is one such technique that helps in planning as well as controlling. It is a technique…