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Capacitor Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Electronic electroscope

Abstract— An electroscope is the instrument used to detect charged bodies. Here, an electronic version of the scope that is more sensitive as compared to its conventional counterpart and which helps indicate the polarity of charge has been described. This circuit consumes very low quiescent power and reliably indicates charge induction and detection. The polarity of charge is indicated through LEDs (green LED indicates positive and red LED negative). In this project report, the detailed circuit diagram of the electronic electroscope has been given in which dual timer IC556 and two input NAND gate IC CD4011 have been used followed by its working in which few observations with regards to the glowing of the LEDs have been made. This is…

Power Supply

Aimed at system designers whose interest focusses on other fields, this note reviews the basic power supply design knowhow assumed in the rest of the book. In mains-supplied electronic systems the AC input voltage must be converted into a DC voltage with the right value and degree of stabilization. Figures 1 and 2 show the simplest rectifier circuits. In these basic configurations the peak voltage across the load is equal to the peak value of the AC voltage supplied by the transformer’s secondary winding. For most applications the output ripple produced by these circuits is too high. However, for some applications – driving small motors or lamps, for example – they are satisfactory. If a filter capacitor is added after…