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Caliphate Empires Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The social class structures of the Byzantine, Gupta, and the Caliphate Empires

The Byzantine, the Gupta and the Caliphate empires had different social class structures. In the Byzantine Empire, the rule was strictly hierarchical (Meri & Bacharach 64). In the caliphate empire, the caliph was the head seconded by other administrators chosen as desired. The caliphate was more into religion than to administering power. The emperor also known as the ‘Grace of God’ was the leader of the empire. In the Gupta Empire, the rule was by royal families. The order of succession was determined by the age of the eldest son. Only in the Byzantines there existed slavery. The upper class consisted senior military officers, state aristocrats and people with large pieces of land. In the Gupta Empire, the first class…