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GMA Maderan History

Barangay Gavino Maderan is formerly part of Brgy.Area J, under Brgy.Captain Ramon Cruz Sr.until his death in 1978. Nelson Gutierrez was appointed as brgy.captain on March 25,1985 by virtue of legislative and administrative act, a referendum was held for the creation of (27) brgy. out of original (10)brgys. of the municipality of General Mariano Alvarez,Cavite. Brgy.Area J was then divided in four brgys. namely; Brgy.Gavino Maderan,Brgy.Jacinto Lumbreras,Brgy.Severino Delas Alas and Brgy. Ramon Cruz Sr. By the virtue of Barangay Resolution no.13-5-2005,approved by the Sangguniang Barangay on its session dated June 5 2005. July 5 was declared as the foundation day of Brgy.Gavino Maderan and then on the year 2006, the said resolution was adopted by the Sangguniang Bayan of the…