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Butane Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Lab Report-Butane

The purpose of the lab was to determine the molecular mass of Butane, and this was done by using the ideal gas law (PV=nRT). The materials used were: match, funnel, bucket, cylinder, thermometer, lighter, scale, and a wooden flynt. These materials are used to help collect and test the Butane gas. Butane gas was used because it is ideal at standard temperature and pressure. Procedure: 1. Rinse bucket and fill three fourths full. 2. Rinse all glassware. 3. Place thermometer in bucket. 4. Record P= 760.4mm of Hg, 1.03 atm. 5. Record temperature. 22 C o 295 oK. 6. Weigh dried lighter 13.5 gms (before) and 13.4 grams (after) then record loss of gas after completing the experiment .1 gms(subtract…