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Businesses Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Use Of Pseudoscience By Big Businesses

The term pseudoscience refers the intellectual reasoning, beliefs and practices that people either hold and claim to be scientifically true, while no scientific methods or norms support the claims. The knowledge used in pseudoscience lacks any scientific explanations or evidence that is accurate and reliable based on the facts, and has in some cases been viewed as “false knowledge”. In pseudoscience, the knowledge used appears to be scientifically correct, but it deviates from adherence to the scientific methods and norms. In most cases, pseudoscience is seen to provide inaccurate and deceptive. Pseudoscience has been considered to support claims that are exaggerated and not testable. Furthermore, the findings or results that are considered correct in pseudoscience lack an appropriate development of…

New businesses

Consistent findings have imperatively indicated that the correlation between firm entry and survival is negative. Out of every one hundred new businesses introduced in the UK, 50 percent of them become obsolete before their third anniversary. Such high attrition levels are not only evident UK in alone but also in most modern economies and can be said to be a generic ‘rule of thumb’. Just why is it that so many nascent firms end up accomplishing little or nothing before they finally become extinct? Is it that their owners do not put enough efforts into the business development or are there other internal and external causes of this prevalent occurrence of business failure? Many theories have been put forth to…