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Business Writing Course Essay

Proper written communications in a business is a very specific mark in professionalism. Poor writing and communication in the workplace is mostly attributed to lack of professionalism, lack of proper training, and lack of confidence. Therefore this is a request to take a Business Writing Course at Kaplan University in Urbandale, Iowa. The cost of the course is $1500. 00 which includes all books and necessary course materials. The course begins July 10 and ends August 14, 2013.

The course is offered online so all course work and attendance will be in the evenings or weekends so it will not disrupt the schedule at work. The course has to be paid in full by July 1, 2013. As sponsors of the Kaplan University Business Writing Course, Airgead Corporation will benefit because all the course material will be compiled in a binder and given to you for future training purposes. All office personnel will be able to reference all their business professional writing techniques by looking through samples and templates provided in the manual.

The text books and all other course materials will become property of Airgead Corporation upon completion of the business writing course. As your Project Manager, this course will significantly improve the ability to write clear, concise, effective messages in professional manner. Writing skills promote effective communication which in turn will increase productivity, success and job satisfaction. Besides improving overall business communication skills, this course will also offer: * Tips on style and writing in first person.

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