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Business Research Project Essay

Serenity Stay Long Term Care is a Specialty Hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company is a 50 bed facility that caters to patients on ventilators, patients needing physical therapy, and patients needing wound care. The facility has been losing a lot of good Register Nursing (R.N.) personnel and Human Resource thinks that it is because of the long 12 hours days required to work. To provide outstanding care to our patients Serenity Stay must find a way to keep good R.N. personnel.

Serenity Stay Long Term Care Hospital and Human Resources should focus on the following research question, is working 12 hours’ worth the risk, because it is overworking the nursing staff? Or should management look at changing the hours to benefit staff needs, which could possibly reduce a drop in loss of staff? The first thing we will look at is to see if o12 hour shift are causing our nursing staff personnel to be overworking nurses at Serenity Stay is causing a drop in employment. Secondly we will look at is if working the 12 hours shift is not the cause of loss of nursing personnel.

Team A plans to test weather keeping a 12 hour shift or going back to an 8 hour shift will help keep the nurses happy. We will conduct surveys, talk with other facilities that are experiencing the same issues, and talk with the staff involved. If working 12 hours shifts appear to be the problem, then we could look at going back to 8 hour shifts,

Townsend, T. (2013). Are twelve hour shifts safe? Retrieved fromhttp://www.american nurse today

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