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Business process modeling Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Case Study File Cafe

The purpose of this report is to analyse “The Broadway Café” shop which was built in 1952 and find problems that exists and also look for solution on how to fix those problems. Alter’s Framework was used to describe primary activities happening inside ‘The Broadway Café’. Rich Picture was used to describe everyday scenario in the coffee shop. Porter’s five forces model was used to for Competitive Advantage and E-Business was used to look at the problems and solution more closely. And then finally activity diagram was used to reflect upon groupware forums such as wikispaces. 1. Alter’s Framework [pic] 2. Rich Picture [pic] 3. Competitive Advantage 3.1 Making Business Decisions I [pic] 3.1.1 Entry Barriers • Good service • Traditional…

Implications of Business Process Management for Operations Management

Implications of business process management for operations management Colin Armistead and Simon Machin The Business School at Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK Introduction Operations management is concerned with the management of people, processes, technology and other resources in order to produce goods and services. There is a resonance from operations management into business process re-engineering (BPR) of the process paradigm and of the concepts and techniques of designing, managing and improving operational processes. Doubtless much can be learned from operations management for the application of BPR[1]. But business process management is more than just BPR applied to operational processes. What are the implications of the wider consideration of business processes for operations management and can the concepts and techniques from operations…

Business process modeling definition

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