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Business intelligence Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Summary of Text Book: Essentials of Management Information Systems

Course Related Virtual Expert Jack Brown (Business Analyst) JSB Inc. Car Accessory Dealership James S. Black (Company founder) An entrepreneur with a love for cars. Abigail Foley (Senior vice president of Business Development) Reported an increase in customers cancelling their accounts. Mark Thompson (Business Development Manager) Prepared proposal for implementing an information system. Major Business Functions (In JSB) Manufacturing Assembling the product, checking for quality, producing bills of materials Sales and Marketing Identifying customers, making customers aware of product, and selling the product Human Resources Hiring employees, evaluating job performance, enrolling employees in benefits. Finance and Accounting Paying creditors, creating financial statements, managing cash accounts Terms Information vs Data (Pg. 13) Data is raw. Information turns it into something meaningful….

Business intelligence definition

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